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Monday, May 17, 2010

Wired Fish

... screening wire, that is.  This is our latest art acquisition.

We had stopped in Asheville, North Carolina on our way to Charleston, South Carolina a couple of weeks ago and spent the afternoon visiting art galleries.  There are a lot of good ones and we found a new favorite, Blue Spiral 1.   It is the largest gallery we've ever seen.  It's located uptown in a large old building with three floors of fabulous art.  It's the sister gallery of our long time favorite, the New Morning Gallery in Biltmore village where we bought the table that doubles for dining and a desk a year ago.

There was a lot of interesting art, but the work that intrigued us the most were the structures sculpted with screening wire created by Janet Brome.  We had not a clue where we would put it when we got home, but we had to have one of the fish.
Initially, we thought it would be wonderful hanging in our kitchen.  However, it was lost among all the art in there.  So I dangled it into the living room looking for a place to hang it.  Looking up, I saw the spot.
Ever since we put up the metal mermaid sign holder I thought she should be holding something.  What it should be, I didn't know until I walked into the room with the fish sculpture.  It fits in perfectly with all the swimming and flying creatures displayed on that wall.  Also, the air flow from the register on that wall gentle sways and rotates the fish in the air.  We're delighted!

And here's an update on the Robins.  They are growing so fast.  The largest one's eyes are now open.  Both parents are constantly feeding and protecting them.  I haven't seen the mother Robin sitting on the brood in the last day.  I hope that nest holds them as long as they need to be in it.


Joyce said...

I LOVE that fish! And what a perfect place to hang it.

Deb said...

My friend E.Barton has quilts at Blue Spiral , I think.

I've always wanted to rig a platform or net about a foot under these crowded nests, just in case.

Heather said...

That's a very handsome fish Nellie and he's the perfect accessory for your mermaid. The robins are growing up fast and will no doubt be flying soon.

G'G'ma said...

Wow, your robins are growing so fast. You have a terrific view of that nest.

Love the fish too. You found a perfect spot to hang it.

arlee said...

swimming ---and flying upstream to Nellie's--love it :}

Plays with Needles said...

Blue birds and a an amazing fish held by a mystical is good at your house!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Your kitchen is an art gallery of fun fun fun. I love it. Makes me smile and I can imagine waking up to it in the morning and beginning each day in the right frame of mind.

Love the screen art. How clever is that? Those babies are definitely out growing their nest soon!!!!

FredaB said...

How perfect is the pairing of the fish and mermaid. They look like they came together.

We are back in Illinois and now I have to get out to Elgin to see your beautiful wall hangings. will let you know when I get there.