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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Larger Lake Piece

Today I made the first larger lake piece. The next twenty in this lake series will be 17"x 14" instead of the 13"x 11" to 12" that are the size of the previous pieces in this ongoing to 100 series of lake quilts.
Lake #31 - 17"x 14"
Also, the horizons and shorelines will be the same distances from the top and bottom edges. I'm excited and interested to see what comes of these perimeters I've added for myself as well as for their possibly being combined in a larger art piece/installation. They are being trimmed to size, but not yet finished on the edges to give options in case I choose to attach some, or all of them together.

For once I took a photo of a piece at the beginning of its construction. I begin at the horizon and lay down all the main pieces to cover the batt, which for these quilts are old blankets ... right now an army blanket.
Then I churn through my bags to find just the right scrap, or ort, to fill in the details. I'm especially delighted if they're crumpled or wrinkled.
Here's a detail of the water
and a detail of the waves rolling onto the shore.
I extend a special welcome to the more than 100 viewers from Hungary who have visited today. Thank you, Monika, for posting about my weblog in your quilter's chat room.


Doreen G said...

Thank you Nellie for posting the stage bu stage pictures it is interesting to see the progress.
I also noted (I think) that you use the reverse side of the fabric sometimes--I think I recognised one that I have all the way over over here in Oz/

self taught artist said...

I love that you have given yourself different perimeters to work with on the next batch. sounds interested. I do like this particular piece as you've managed to get the effect of a storm having just passed with the blip of whiteness showing through. Its almost biblical or prehistoric. Great colors and movement!

Nellie's Needles said...

Doreen, To me both sides of all fabrics are considered. I've even purchased fabrics specifically for the pattern or color on the reverse or "wrong" side. What it boils down to, is that I use whatever works "to tell the story".

joyce said...

They just keep getting better and better. Thanks for the detail pictures about the construction.

teodo said...

this lake too is so nice!
why is it bigger than the other ones? isn't it part of the series?
Thanks for showing particulars of it.
ciao, ciao

Quilting Journey said...

Nellie, I don't know if it's the sense of linear balance, the gradients of coloring which reminds me of geological strata or just the placement of the rosy tones...but something in this piece really touched me. It has a sense of harmony and joy that I can really relate to.

Karen said...

I really love what your doing with these! Imagining them hung in tandem as a whole is really going to be something to see! Wonderful!!!