Nellie"s Needles

Monday, June 18, 2007

More Realistic Lake

This piece is close to what the lake has been like for this last week. The horizon has been almost indistinct and there have been undefined cloudy skies. I can't help but give the lake more reflected color than anyone can actually see. Knowing that light is filled with the spectrum of colors gives me creative license. Besides, I just can't resist ... can't help but do it.

Lake #30 - 13"x 11.5"
Lake #30 construction
There will be a change in the size and formating of at least the next twenty Lake pieces. Stay tuned.


Karen said...

my favorite views of the lake are when Im driving towards it and the clouds are massing over the horizon and looking an awful lot like mountains in the distance...Of course that would mean that your about to get rained on on your side of the lake! I like the new blog look.

Bird on a wire said...

This is a lovely, lovely piece