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Sunday, June 17, 2007

More Lake Pieces

Jackson, my 8-year old grandson, made a lake piece.
A couple of weeks ago he had collected "found stuff" throughout the day and had made an art piece "like his Granellie" does. He related this to me and displayed the piece in an iChat. I showed him the lake piece I had just completed that day and promised the next time he came to the cottage he could make one with me.Jackson very much liked digging through the bags of scraps. Every scrap appealed to him, but the blues and purples won out. I'm showing him that small skinny scraps and pieces of yarn make good waves.He was most pleased to finally get to sew on my best machine. The first few rows of quilting were done with my sitting right behind him at the machine. He did so well that I got up and did other things in the studio while he quilted.

While Jackson was making his lake piece I was making mine.
Lake #29 construction
Lake #29

Here are Jackson's and my pieces hanging together on the design wall.
Both are 13" wide, but vary in height.


Vicki W said...

Another artist in the family! You must have had a blast.

dot said...

Very nice. You certainly have a fiber artist on your hands.

Quilting Journey said...

WOW, Jackson! That is absolutely, incredibly awesome! I totally love your color choices and the wonderful variety of orts that you have so artistically arranged! I can feel both the sunshine and the shadows in your work and a sense of movement anchored by a feeling of grounded stability. I think you have inherited some of your Granellie's spirit, as well as her talent!

self taught artist said...

project runway people watch out!
jackson has some real talent! its beautiful and i wouldn't have known you didn't make it!

jude said...

i love to see children sewing, especially boys. it is funny how kids are exposed to separate crafts. i like men who cook too!

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Any child, girl or boy, who expresses an interest in sewing or cooking will get a chance to experience it with me. Both of our sons learned these domestic skills because they wanted to. When they went out on their own, they could definitely take care of themselves. Their wives are appreciative. Especially the one who's husband plans and cooks holiday meals as well as the breaks she gets from meal making fairly often. Last week when they were here, it was that son and his son helping me in the kitchen.

meggie said...

That is fantastic. How lovely think he has such an opportunity in his life, to spend time with you. All children deserve to have such grandparents!

arlee said...

Beautifully done, both of you! I taught my son all the "domestic arts" as well--in fact, his first pierce of weaving was SO good, i was tempted to cheat and hand it in as my finals project :}

Maureen said...

Keep up the good work with your grandchildren;they'll have such wonderful memories of projects done with Granellie to remember fondly in their later years.
To Jackson........I LOVE it son started stitching and cooking when he was 8 years old and he's nearly an old man of 46 now :-)

teodo said...

Dear Nellie,
I think that Jackson will become a great artist! That's sure he has a good teacher right now! ;o)
ciao, ciao