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Friday, June 08, 2007

Moonlit Lake

I'm excited about my latest Lake piece. I ended up depicting the lake on a moonlit night ... without the intention of doing so. Because I hadn't deliberately done so, it took a while to even recognize that time of day.
Lake #28
It happened because I build off the first piece of fabric picked up. I begin at the horizon ... either the sky or lake. This one began with an interesting very dark shaded blue. I thought I was creating an approaching storm. But what happened with the clouds and the beach spoke otherwise.
#28 Lake contstuction
This kind of thing is what thrills me and keeps me at it ... especially after the struggle of making that first one in the presence of the lake. It's most interesting to have found that I kept my back to the view of it ... that I couldn't make myself look out the window.

So, this is what's hanging on my design wall. Lakes #27 and #28 and
# 28 1/2
Last night I made the postcard size one for a friend who cut my hair this morning. It gets a half designation within the series.


Vicki W said...

Love #28!

joyce said...

The lake series just keeps getting better and better. Isn't it amazing how art just goes the way it wants to in spite of the artist? That's what keeps us at it I guess.

Deb Geyer said...

These are great, Nellie. I love the whole series.

Doreen G said...

Nellie I love the moonlight lake scene.

teodo said...

Yes, on the #28 it seems that is arriving a thunderstorm.

The postcard is lovely and you have been very good to recreate the atmosphere of the lake on such a small piece.

ciao, ciao

Waltraud said...

Ypour Lake Series are wonderful, as ever!

Beverly said...

I love the moonlit lake, it's just beautiful. I'm amazed at how you have been able to keep this series going, each one unique.

Ah, and it was nice to have confirmation that my first instinct about the photos (sepia vs. grayscale) was a good one--

Barbara B. said...

It's wonderful. I love the moonlite lake.

Sidney said...

It's hard to articulate my response to your work. It resonates with me on a visceral level. The moody horizontal lines are compelling and the colors staggering.
Thank you for the visual inspiration.

sammy said...

totally amazing!

Maddie Can Fly said...

I have enjoyed all the lake series, but the moonlit lake is my favorite (so far).