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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Party At the Beach

Tessa had a party at the beach for her family. Real food was served on the complete set of porcelain doll dishes she had just gotten for her 6th birthday from Granellie.
Invitations and envelopes were made. She and Granellie photographed her hand holding a rose. The picture was printed and decorated it with a ladybug sticker.
Each hand-written invitation was personilized by Tessa.
The table is set and the hostess is awaiting the arrival of her guests.

frankfurter rings
sliced string cheese
french bread

sweet tea & water

pudding with chocolate sauce
topped with strawberry


McIrish Annie said...

Looks like a great party. I think your GD takes after you artistically, great invitations!

Doreen G said...

What a great party Nellie and aren't this type of party the best ones after all.

Sassenach said...

How absolutely charming! She must have inherited her grandmother's personality.

teodo said...

I'd really have liked to be at this party!
Tessa had a great idea, she is like her grandmom for her fantasy and creativity.
The new background of your blog is so nice!
ciao, ciao

Mrs. Durand jr. said...

TD and GD look so lovely! We all had a delightful time as if we were on the Dover coast in the 18th century. Certainly we should continue this daily ritual.