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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Alicia's Gingko Leaves

My friend, Alicia, was intrigued with the small Gingko leaf pieces that I had made last fall. She's spent this last week in my studio creating collages with cut out fabric leaves and silk thread orts on various backgrounds.
12"x 9"
10 1/2"x 6 1/2"
The last three pieces are designed to fit in fan-shaped frames with 10"x 6" openings. The quilts will be adhered to foam core and mounted into the frames. Each frame will get painted to complement the composition.

Alicia has a very strong sense of color and design. Her sewing skills are good, but do not include free-motion quilting ... so I helped out with that part.


Doreen G said...

These are beautiful Nellie---and I love the box of silk thread orts.

Judy said...

the fans are great with the gingko leaves! Love the colors too.

teodo said...

Ciao Nellie,
Your friend's works are wonderful.
I would have liked to see you working together.
I need help too for free-motion and I usually ask Nadia.
ciao ciao

Darcie said...

...and Alicia also has a very capable and inspirational mentor!

Oooh...that box of silk orts is delightful! Exiciting to the hands as well as to the eyes.

McIrish Annie said...

Nellie, How I would love to come to your studio and dig into that box of Silk thread orts!! I guess I need to start my own collection. My husband thinks I'm crazy saving scraps, wait til he finds out I'm saving thread scraps!LOL

I am really enjoying your Lake Series! and love what your fried has done with the gingko leaves!

McIrish Annie said...

Nellie, just want to let you know that I checked out your thinking blog links and was thrilled to find Jan. She is blogging about exactly what I am going through right now with trying to find my artistic voice. I feel like I found a kindred spirit!

thanks for the continuing inspiration!

Waltraud said...

Thank you for the new blog tips.