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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Hand Then and Now

Earlier this month Deb of Red Shoe Ramblings posted a request on Connections for bloggers to feature photos of their hands.

The clay impression of my hand came to me a few years ago. It is one of the very few items from my childhood that I possess.A few moments ago I took a picture of that same hand which made the indent in that clay sixty years ago.

Those two pictures represent my life of making stuff. I could end this post here, but I'd like to add another photo of that hand in action.Five years ago a friend photographed my hand while I was quilting my first crinkle quilt, "Ode to the South Pacific". I don't usually wear rings and bracelets when quilting. This picture was taken while on a long weekend vacation and I was sitting and chatting and quilting. I wear a latex finger that's cut off a glove on my thumb when quilting or doing any hand sewing to easily grip and pull the needle. I prefer cloisenne thimbles, because I like the sturdiness and weight and the inside is enamel ... plus they are beautiful.

My child hand impression and that photo taken sixty years later hang together in my studio. Now, I had better get my hands busy completing my quilt entries for the Smoky Mountain Quilt Show.


joyce said...

The latex thumb is a good idea. I have a little round piece of plastic but it's never where I need it. THe hands photo is nice. Great to have two ages of the same hand.

Belém said...

I think I could recognise your hand today on the your little hand of the past. Beautiful post.

sarala said...

Lovely juxtaposition of the old and new, or is it new and old?

jude said...

Nellie, I have one of these too, actually my mother has it. nice to see the hand of a master quilter. i have just read into your crinkle quilt method and loving how the process emerged. i am working on something similar bit not exactly the same method. will share it soon and would love your feedback.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

There have beenquite a few visitors from a posting on "All Things Fabric". I'm curious as to what was posted on that site.

How about "old" and "old"?

Can't wait to see what wonderful technique you're working on.

SeamRippstress said...

beautiful post of your talented hands! So glad to have found your work through Judy in the Dyes. The Ortwork is just spectacular.

teodo said...

Ciao Nellie,
it's amazing to see your hand working and to see your hand when you were just a child.
The lakes series are as usually beautiful and I've been missing them.
ciao ciao

boodely said...

It's amazing that no matter how much we change, we are still ourselves – your hand still looks beautifully like your hand. So glad to have found your blog.