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Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Good Vibes In My Studio

Since you've seen a bit of my studio in the previous posting, I thought I'd share some of the other items that bring good vibes and energy to my work space.
Hanging with the mobiles is an artist-made fairy that was a gift from my friend, Alicia. I'm fond of her red hair ... a color that I would've liked my hair to be when I was young.This naked little guy also came from Alicia (back in the 70's). He's keeping watch over all and he just makes me smile. Also, up there is the sewing machine drawn by my grandson, Jennings.A self-portrait of my granddaughter, Tessa, keeps an eye on my design board ... note the red hair ... and Toulouse Lautrec's red headed lady. Hanging under Tessa's drawing is my design board pin cushion. It's made with a favorite piece of fabric from my one and only dyeing session. It embodies the joy and excitement I experienced with friends who were new at the time. Now they're all dear "old friends".There are also photographs of the people who are meaningful in life. My grandchildren, mother, mother-in-law, best friend, and my nephew in his studio are in this grouping on top of a fabric cupboard. Other photos are scattered and tucked elsewhere. There's also a doll with a quilt doing cross-stitch up there. She was a gift from my brother.I have a fondness for dolls so there's a number of them scattered around the studio. The one holding the lamp was made by my mother. The bunny, color wheel, and smocked potpourri ball represent many years of my life. The monogrammed needlework basket was made by a sister-in-law. The embroidered water buffalo is a memento from a memorable trip to Thailand. The hanging featuring traditional quilts reminds me of the long chain of quilting tradition in which I'm only a link. Hanging off the lamp there are mementos from friends, a happy stick created by grandson Winston, plus a tassel I made of yarns inherited after the death of my artist friend Betsy.

Playing With Nellie Is Such Fun
21"x 26"
This wall hanging was a birthday present from Gayle. The green fabric was a clean-up rag of hers that I had coveted for a long time, never dreaming that she'd give it to me ... particularly in this wonderful creation. It's an especially important connection between us since that she's moved to Florida. I very much miss playing with her ... especially in the studio she left behind.
Wild By Design-18"x 18"
This piece represents the 2003 conference by that name which I attended in Lincoln, Nebraska. I came away from it with a reinforced philosophy of sharing my skills and knowledge ... of mentoring. It features the "buff" that everyone in our group from Knoxville wore and the piece of fabric we all autographed before flying home. What I call "wild women" pins that were gifts from friends are displayed on it.

I love being in this room. It is never lonely. I have all that PLUS even more ... including Michael Angelo's David, Toulouse Lautrec, and Elvis. And then there are the wanderings in and out of my husband and our two dogs throughout the day. My studio is full of more than just the supplies and tools to make quilts.


joyce said...

Thank you so much for the peek into your wonderful studio. It looks like an inspiring place.

Quilting Journey said...

I can't decide which I love more, seeing how you work, where you work, or what your amazing creative spirit comes up with as you work! Guess I will have to choose all three, and I do believe you gave me that, here, today!!!!

StegArt said...

That was fun! Thanks for sharing your wonderful areas in your space.

teodo said...

Ciao Nellie,
Looking at your studio it seems to be in a secret box where we keep all our stuff, presents,...
Ciao, ciao

Waltraud said...

I think there are many good vibes and a lot of energy in your studio when I see you art.

jude said...

looks like a happy place!