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Saturday, April 14, 2007

More Shared Art

Here are a few more treasures that have been presented to me.

Kay sent this postcard based on the trees in the woods she views from her windows. I love the winter feeling and shadows she's portrayed.

"Winter Light in the Woods"

My friend, Linda in Milwaukee, made two artist's trading cards. They each have designs on both sides.This side alludes to Linda's quilt, "Mrs. Robinson" that features the Dustin Hoffman movie on an outdoor movie screen viewed through a front windshield ... complete with various items on the dashboard (Coke in a paper cup, popcorn, and black lacy bra).This one was an exchange through her shop, Fabric Fusion, in Brown Deer Wisconsin. She made all the ATC's for her shop to exchange with customers ... and friends.

An artist friend, Karen, here in Knoxville made this card using scraps left from the silk kimonos and yarns that I had shared with her to complete a spectacular quilt.

All these shared art pieces have been made into two, double-sided mobiles that hang over my cutting table.
The larger mobile features the postcards from my Bee exchange. Plus there's a thread wrapped egg made by my friend, Melanie, hanging in the center.
That's a lot of concentrated creative energy keeping me company in my studio. Thank you everyone.


Vicki W said...

What a clever method of displaying the cards and ATCs! I may borrow that idea - I've been trying to come up with a display method for some cards for my LQS.

Waltraud said...

You could be happy to get such beautiful cards. Thank you for your nice comment!

Judy said...

What great pieces...and I always love taking a peek at your sewing studio!

Beverly said...

I love how you have displayed the cards! That is a great idea that I am going to have to play with, I've gotten too many to leave them stacked up in a basket--

teodo said...

Each of those cards has something particular.

Your studio is so different and I would like to know if those that I see in the background are all award that you won?

ciao ciao

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Thank you. The ribbons you see hanging in the background are mostly from the Dogwood Arts Quilt Show here in Knoxville, Tennessee. This is one show I enter my quilts to share them with the community. Also, there are many quilts submitted from all over the country by top quilters. Getting awards in this show proves to myself that "I've still got it ... that I'm not over the hill."

Peter Durand said...

Nellie, I love seeing your studio... albeit virtually. Can't wait to have a comfortable, colorful nest of my own again. Keep on cranking it out!