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Friday, April 13, 2007

Art Share Meme Results

The five Art Share Memes that I participated in brought these treasures through the mail.

Beverly used all hand-dyed fabrics, Angelina fibers, and hand embroidery to make this whimsical folkart-like postcard.

"Misty Mountains"

Maureen generously sent two postcards. The first is collaged under tulle netting featuring cutout fabric trees and fibers on a wool background. I don't believe I'd like to venture too deeply into these woods without "protection", or at least a basket of bread crumbs.
"Mystic Forest"
The second, a photo transfer onto fabric of a picture taken from her front gate looking west to the D'Aguilar Range.
"Sunset after Storm"

Dianna created this intricatly beautiful postcard. I can almost feel the cool depths of this shadowy forest in which I wouldn't dare stray from a path.
"Bamboo Forest-Kipahula

I find it interesting that all the postcard art made for me features trees.

Arlee concocted an elegant tissue holder. I don't have a clue how she knew that I was missing something like this next to my "green nest" chair. Previously, I would need to get up and go find a kleenex or have loose ones lying around adding more clutter to my hand-sewing supplies and tools on the small side table.It is made of silk crepe fabric (purple) with hand and machine embroidery, plus beading. I feel priviledged that she used some of her square sequins in the center of the flower.

Debra made this geometric composition with hand-painted or dyed fabrics plus batiks and crystaline overlays.
"Jig" - 15"x10"

I love the art each of these talented quilters shared with me. I like having their creative energy in my studio. A big thank you to all of them for participating in the Art Share Meme.


Doreen G said...

These are all so beautiful Nellie lucky you

Kay said...

These are all lovely. Since I am particularly fond of the shapes and colors of trees myself, it was a delight to see all the different visions. And congratulations on your Thinking Blogger award. Well deserved.

Shirley Goodwin said...

I love this sort of thing - I have some postcards I swapped with overseas quilt artists and I keep them on display all the time.

teodo said...

ciao Nellie,
these post cards are very nice.
did you already know the persons at the swap or where they all new entries?
ciao ciao

Finn said...

Hi Nellie,what beautiful ATC's you have received. I'm rather a tree person also, along with stars, sky and water...might as well throw in fire too..LOL

I'll bet the cards you sent were equally beautiful. And thank you so much for the postcard from Tennessee. Your yard is just as beautiful as your home and your art. Hugs, Finn

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Teodo, the Art Share Meme exchange is described in the click-back at the beginning of this posting to my posting on Nov.1, 2006. I haven't met any of the people who participated in this meme with me, but I feel I've gotten to know them through their weblogs. I hope there will be a chance to meet them either in their or my travels.

Finn, my contributions were from the "Postcards from Michigan" series. They too can be seen in that clickback to Nov1,2006.

I'm so glad I took photos of our beautiful flowering spring, because we've had several freezing nights. Much of the new growth, azalea flowers, and Maple leaves are dead. Tomorrow night snow showers are forcast. Sigh!

Judy said...

What wonderful works of art. I am especially attracted to the silk tissue holder and Debra's postcard...but they are ALL lovely!
Thanks again for sharing all of these beauties.