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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stormy Lake

Getting a spring cold is depressing. However, it hasn't stopped me from being in the studio. I've welcomed the escape to the beach even though I couldn't create sunny days.

Lake #14 construction
Lake #14
In reality, I usually like the relief of rainy days. I thought I would get more monochromatic with these two. However, I just can't seem to keep color out of them ... yet. There's always color in overcast days, though more subtle than I've portrayed in these.
Lake #15 construction
There's an upside down lion in the lower right corner of the beach. There's an elephant and leopard on the beach of #14 as well as a few of the others. I've used the backside of the fabric so the images are not obvious. Also, the pieces get layered and overlapped to obscure any images. This is an example of using fabrics that weren't initially considered AT ALL. It amuses me to know there are wild beasts on the beach (I've know a few of the two-legged ones, but these are of the four legs variety).
Lake #15
To witness storms approaching from the west across the lake is exhilarating. I wonder when those will appear in this series.


meggie said...

Laughed at the 'beasts on the beach' ~delightful. I love all those Lakes.

Barbara said...

I love these colours and your chaos in your "creation-room"!!I will visit your blog again!
Grates Barbara

marisa said...

thanks for yours regards on linda's blog.I like your works and your room is adorable

teodo said...

Thanks for all these quilts.
Your husband is right when comes into your studio at look at what was you are creating.
ciao ciao

Aliza said...

I swear to God you are one of the most talented people I know. It it truely a gift from God that you have the vision to do this work. I love it and know that it's even more stunning in person. Having seen your work on line and then in person...there is no comparison. I could stare at it for hours and go back for more. Thank you for sharing. I never tire when it comes to your art.

Susan said...

Those are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!
PS: Go Lady Vols!

Lillian said...

Enjoying the lake series - quite an undertaking, but one you should really love!

Harriet said...

They're stunning, Nellie!

Kay said...

A wonderful series. I think I like # 14 best, but I'd hate to be pinned down on that. How right you are about the subtle color variations on cloudy days. That's one of the reasons why I liked the Pacific NW so much.

Had to laugh when you commented about only one corner of your large table being free. I work on a ping pong table, and the same thing is true!