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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Stitching Tools

Last week Finn posted about old needlework tools and asked about those the rest of us may have. This folder of needles had belonged to my husband's grandmother.This tiny silk sewing kit was found in an antique shop in Michigan a few years ago.
I especially like the tiny scissors that came with it and the cork affixed in the center for a thimble. The thread holders are ivory.
This old wool pin cushion came in a sewing basket I also bought from an antique shop at the same time. I like that it is hand made of wool fabric and stuffing. It obviously has a history and it's small.
It fits nicely in my favorite sewing box which holds the supplies that travels to bees, or wherever I go to stitch or quilt.
This beautiful wooden box was a gift from my younger son and daughter-in-law. It came from the Art Institute in Chicago where both of them had jobs at the time.
The decorations of buttons and threaded needle on the lid are engraved and stained into the wood.
This looks like a tube of lipstick ... and it used to be.
It's now my favorite needle case. A few years ago there were instructions in Threads Magazine about converting a lipstick tube to this clever and beautiful tool. Clean out the residue of lipstick and fill the opening with wool batting.
I like that with a quick twist, the selection of needles is right there without having to empty the case to find a desired needle.


martha said...

HI Nellie
Neat stuff. I Like the lipstick needle holder. Nad the box --all of it!

Darcie said...

One piece is as wonderful as the last.... That handcrafted wooden box must be very dear to your heart. What craftsmanship!

But the lipstick tube: Now that is fun! I'm going to have to make a trip to the second hand store and search for some funky old tubes to re-purpose! Thanks Nellie!

I love your blog...shared with me via Finn...and Joyce from Canada.

teodo said...

All these things are very precious if we think how old they are. I like very much the sewing kit and the lipstick tube. I've an old lipstick and now I will change his use. Thanks for the idea.
Your son and your daughter- in- love have been very kind giving you this box. I think that you have a lot of beautiful and interesting old objects. Thanks for sharing.
ciao ciao

Judy said...

What treasures! Don't you love to think about the ladies in the past who also loved those needlework tools as much as you do now.
Great idea for the needle case..thanks for sharing!

Helen said...

Great idea for a lipstick tube. Now if only they made them that pretty now!

jude said...

i love all this old stuff.....i am still using a lot of my grandma's thread on wooden spools.