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Friday, March 30, 2007

Postcard from Tennessee

Here's the small lake we live on in Tennessee. The leaves are newly out and the Crabapple, Cherry, and Redbud trees are blooming.

Besides the Heather , Candytuft, and Pansies there are Tulips, Grape Hyacinth, and Daffodils in our flowerbeds. The crocus are long gone.

This was finished two days ago. Working outdoors, quilting bee, getting the laundry done, the house clean, and errands have kept me out of the studio.
The construction photo was remembered while I was sitting at the machine quilting. It was taken before the sky was stitched. It amazes me how the texture of quilting defines the clouds as well as how it visually changes the surface.
The dark waves in the actual piece are lighter value than in this photo. So far, this piece is the most monochromatic. Though, I purposefully tossed in minute pieces of bright color. I'm pleased with the plaid in the sky ... who ever would've thought that would work so well?


Karen said...

Now whenever I see that grey lake sky I will think It works very well indeed. The bits of bright color had me thinking about sifting the sand to find the bits and pieces of 'sea glass' that we find and keep from each visit to the beach.

Anne Wigfull said...

Do you find that with creating so many in a series like this that you don't worry quite so much about something working or not working? (The plaid works very well, BTW)

Nellie Bass Durand said...

That's it! I'm always sifting sand through my fingers and finding interesting bits and pieces.

I'm getting even more adventuresome and either skipping over or not obsessing with finding the "right" ort. I'm feeling very bold in my choices. On #10 I was sure I needed to get another bag of goodies out, but after 6 more Lakes since then, I still see many possibilities waiting ... and it tickes my fancy.

jenclair said...

The "postcard" photos are lovely.

I'm enjoying your progress with this series.

Self Taught Artist said...

honestly? when i see on the sidebar your 'painted flower' quilt next to the photos of flowers...i like the quilt better :)

meggie said...

Thankyou for the flowers! Love them.
Also those lakes are really wonderful...very 'feeling'.

Elaine Adair said...

Ohh Nellie - how I envy those lovely gardens! Oops, a tear here and there.

The series on lakes are amazing - what clever use of the various fabrics.

And ... thanks for the tip I noted in your "Messes" photos - those plastic blanket packets - what a great place for scraps!

teodo said...

Nice the lake and the flowers!
Do you see all these things from your house?
The Lake Series keep on being beautiful!
Ciao ciao

Doreen G said...

I have just found your blog throught Dale's blog where you left a comment.
I love what you are doing in this series.

Nadia said...

Beautiful the lake you live on! Beautiful the flowers!

Waltraud said...

Dear Nelli,
I wish you a happy easter