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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Monet's Flowers

When I was working on the Vincent's flower studies a friend asked if I had ever considered making flowers in Monet's style. At the time I hadn't. The primary reason I "played with Vincent" was to interpret the atmosphere around his flowers into fiber. The air in Van Gogh's paintings that I saw at the Art Institute seemed so vibrant and full of life.After three studies, "Vincent's Flowers" was the resulting piece.

During the next summer that suggestion niggled around in my brain until I gave in. My first attempt was definitely not Monet. It ended up as the fun and playful background in "May Day Tea Party".My next attempt was closer. The flowers were painterly, but the pure colors as well as the quality of light that the impressionists achieved was not there. This one is soft and lovely and it was finished as a present for a friend.
The third try surprised and delighted me when it ended up with the pure colors dominant plus the quality of light of a sunny day. To get this effect there are multiple layers of cut apart silk flowers, roving, and pulled apart batting in this piece ... so many I lost count.
The backing, as well as the foundation layer which is not at all visible, is fabric I had hand-painted. This was a warm-up ... a way to get myself into the spirit.
The piece is quilted with the word, "Monet", in script. The paper on which I had doodled the quilting pattern is pinned to the backing in the above photo. This study is still unfinished.

PS: Here is the "unfinished study" finally finished in 2009.

"Imagine Monet" 30"x 32"
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joyce said...

I totally love all of them. It's hard to believe they are fabric. I especially like the third one. And what a good idea to quilt it with the word Monet. Have you ever seen Monet's garden in France? It's one destination that I have always wanted to go to but so far no luck.

Vicki W said...

They are all just beautiful but I really love the last one!

Elaine Adair said...

Once again, beautiful posts from you - your renditions of 'famour' artists are wonderful, yet still totally your own. Lovely work.

jude said...

wow, all those colored fabrics melted together so nicely, quite a venture into color. you have a lot of energy in your work.

McIrish Annie said...

Vivian, every piece is lovely and sets a different tone. I love vincent's flowers

teodo said...

I like the third one - so delicate! But I have one many quilts have you done in your life?! so many!!!!!!!!!!!! ciao, ciao

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Thank you for your appreciation of my work. I've been quilting for 13 years and have made around 300 pieces. I've tried to keep track, but know a few have escaped being recorded ... or my memory.

Karen said...

you have captured the light! The art institute is one of the best places to find inspiration isnt it!This last work is a beauty on both sides. But those yellow flowers look like they are sending the reflected light right at us..lovely! I love your tribute to Van Gogh as well. such proud beauty in such a simple flower.

Belém said...

So beautiful this post. Every quilt shown is beautiful but the monet's flowers is the one I prefer.

Maggie R said...

Your lake series is beautiful Nellie...
I love them all. I like to use the lake as a subject when I am felting postcards. Great subject..
Thanks for sharing.

Wilde said...

All of your work is wonderful--I especially like the bright "May Day Tea Party" and the unfinished "Monet Flowers" with the tag on it. I grew up on sweaters and toys made from unraveled and re-knitted yarns; skirts and pants made from recycled woolens (capes, suits, etc.); and color, color, color all around. When I saw your name--and I haven't read the rest of your blogs--I seem to remember a woman who was featured in a Woman's Day or Good Housekeeping magazine with amazing painted kitchen cupboards. Was that you? :o) Anyways, it is a delight to have happened upon your site.