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Friday, March 16, 2007

"Painted Flowers"

The studies of Monet's flowers about which I previously posted led to the making of this art piece. The best photograph I have of it is a collage I had put together of photos taken of each section. Most of the photos presented here are digital images taken of those photographs.

Painted Flowers - 78"x57"- 2003
These are the materials I used to create it. The basket on the left contains silk flowers plus silky and silk fabrics. Behind it is a bag of silk leaves. The center basket has wool roving and yarn. Propped up on that basket is a bag of silk threads that were shed from the edges of cut yardage. These were saved by my mother-in-law when she cut silk fabric in her shop. On the far right is a wicker basket of tulle netting.
This large quilt is constructed in pieces. Finished sections were laid in position next to the one I worked on. In the upper right of this photo is the one I'm assembling in reference to the other two pieces.
Each section is machine quilted. I used Monet's name in script just as I had on the third study. The two sections butted together on the left are quilted while the the one slipped under them on the right is not. Quilting changes not only the physical texture, but the visual one as well.
Here's another example. This is the upper left corner section before it was layered with tulle netting and quilted.
This is an isolated photo taken after the quilt was completed. To view photos of each completed section of the large quilt, click on the album for "Painted Flowers" in the sidebar.
Here is a detail of the quilted piece.
And a detail photo of the border.
I hand-painted yardage for the backing.
As I mentioned, the piece was made in sections. These sections were butted together and sewn with a wide machine zig-zag stitch. Narrow strips of fabric were blind-stitched by machine over those zig-zag seams on the the back. Wider strips of a mossy green fabric were sewn in the same way over the seams on the front.
"Painted Flowers" was purchased for this conference room. The man who bought it had reluctantly come to the quilt show with his wife. The art quilts in the show astounded him ... and he absolutely had to have this one. He stated that he only wanted "soft" art in the newly constructed building for which he bought this piece plus another from the show.

2003 Smoky Mountain Quilt Guild Show awards:
-Dogwood Arts Festival Choice
-3rd Place in Large Art Category

Of special note: Paula has posted about this piece and her take on my art over on her blog, Self-taught Artist. I'm overwhelmed and honored.

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Self Taught Artist said...

I absolutely LOVE this piece 'Painted flowers". It is sunning work, I am speechless at how beautiful it is. Thank you for showing us! Again, boggled at the diversity I am seeing with your and Lisa Call are a different breed :)

jude said...

wow, an amazing process, thanks for all the details....
i sent you a message to the email on your profile a while back, did you receive it?

Quilting Journey said...

It is such an incredible journey to follow the process of your creativity! I just study each photo and say to myself over and over...'how did she do that?'...which shows how my mind works, since I am right here, looking at just how you do it! Ha! You are amazing! And your work is exquisite!

Judy said...

That is a fabulous piece! I keep coming back to look at it again and again. I am so impressed. Thanks for sharing your technique.

Flippytale Quilter said...

I am speach-less! All I can say is WOW, and STUNNING!

meggie said...

That is a beautiful work of art, & rightly appreciated.

teodo said...

Hi Nellie this quilt is fabulous and I'm sure that you are very proud to know that all the people that went to that conference room saw and admired your masterpiece.

My white and red blocks are to help the research for leukemia

Shelly said...

Love your quilt I was wondering if you would like to add your blog to my directory?
Thanks, Shelly

Sassenach said...

Simply marvelous! The difference between the pieces pre- and post- quilting is quite interesting.

Karoda said...

Its a lovely take on Monet's flowers. Congrats on the commission!

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Thank all of you for your comments and compliments. Yes, I am pleased to have this piece hanging where it can be enjoyed. Otherwise, it would've hung in my bedroom for a very limited audience. This piece wasn't created for anyone in particular ... only because I felt compelled to make it.

Lin Moon said...

I just discovered your Painted Flowers and the posts about its construction. This is just fabulous! Thanks for showing the materials that went into its making. It is just soooo beautiful! And I love the tile effect. Great work!