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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pretty Postcards

Pretty, but not Monet's flowers.

These postcards are collages built with silk flowers, roving, angelina fibers, and silk threads that were shed from fabric edges. The foundation pieces are cut from an old nightgown with lace edging. The gown had been used to clean up paint from a T-shirt painting project by my friend, Alicia. What's the saying? "One person's cast-off is another's treasure" ... or something like that.

Last evening I used these fabric cards to demonstrate to our quilt guild members how I couch yarn. Five of us each gave five 15 minute demonstrations of techniques to small groups. The groups rotated so each member saw all the demonstrations. I suspect there will be a bit more couching going on now that they've seen how easy and effective it is. I made up an instruction sheet based on the posting I wrote last fall about couching yarn.

These six postcards will be donated to our guild for its small quilt sale at the Smoky Mountain Quilt Guild show in mid-May. Now to get my entries for that show finished up.

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Anne Wigfull said...

Totally luscious!

Vicki W said...

Nellie, these postcards are just beautiful!

joyce said...

Monet's flowers or not they are beyond pretty. They are gorgeous. And what a great way to teach techniques.

Darcie said...

Joyce took they words right out of my mouth! These ARE gorgeous, Nellie!!!

Love the sounds of your guild's small group demos. And what a sweet way to find a new home for them...coming soon! Please let us know how that quilt sale turns out, will you?

McIrish Annie said...

they are beautiful. and I went back for the tutorial on couching!! you are amazing. so easy and so effective!!

Waltraud said...

I love these postcards.

Carol said...

I love your postcards the are gorgeous. Thank you for some clever ideas.

teodo said...

Nellie, I hope to have a change to trave in USA and in that occasion I will love to visit you and see with my own eyes your works....they are really amazing!!!
ciao ciao

Cynthia said...

Nellie, thank you for taking the time to talk to me at the quilt show and share your blog with me! I bought the pink postcard at the top of the list, and it was a happy surprise to meet the artist of such a wonderful treasure! I have SO enjoyed seeing some more of your work and especially love your landscapes. I hope to be able to "play" with such satisfying results in the near future. :)