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Monday, March 19, 2007

Thread Painted Flowers

This piece is a variation of my ortwork collage technique.
Thread Painting - 20"x 20"- 2002
It is a black and white printed fabric whole-cloth quilt. Some color is added by sewing sheer strips of organza ribbons across the border sections. The b&w striped silk fabric bars framing the center area are machine appliqued. These elements were added after the quilting was finished.
The flowers are "painted" with mostly colored thread ends. There are some bits of fabric scraps and touches of the ribbon adding to their hues as well. All of those bits and scraps are trapped under tulle and held in place with machine quilting. The flower petals are outlined with colored yarns and decorative threads couched around them. Silk flower leaves are attached to the surface with machine quilting in the pattern of veins.

It was donated to the Smoky Mountain Quilt guild's small quilt sale at the 2000 Dogwood Arts show.

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arlee said...

What a great way to add colour without painting or applique! Love it!

Vicki W said...

What a wonderful technique! I really love the subtle color effects on this quilt.

teodo said...

Hi Nellie this is a great work too!!!
This morning I've looked in your blog at label SHOES and FAMILY. I've spent my time reading the posts that I've never read. I like them very much!
ciao ciao

jude said...

the more i see of this technique, the more it amazes me

Waltraud said...

I like your flowers.

Self Taught Artist said...

yet another 'look'. appears to have an asian flaire...quite sophisticated and simple all at once. nice!!!

Becky said...

First you see splashes of color, then realize they are emerging from a black and white background. The real treat is in the textural variations and the sheen on the leaves. And....I get to touch the quilt, because I'm the lucky owner! I'm proud to have it hanging in my home. Nellie, your creativity amazes me!

McIrish Annie said...

Nellie, every time I visit your Blog, I learn something new and wonderful!! You are an inspiration!Thanks so much for sharing your work with us.