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Sunday, May 13, 2007

27th Smoky Mountain Quilt Guild Show

This year our quilt show is taking place with the Foothills Craft Guild rather than being a venue of the Dogwood Arts Festival. It begins next Friday and I invite any of you who live within driving distance to come see many fabulous quilts as well as wonderful crafts made by juried crafts men and women.

This is one of my three entries in the quilt show. It began in a workshop taught by Dottie Moore which is posted here.

Across the River - 24"x 24"

detail - 6"x 6"
There is much machine stitching to keep all the tiny bits of fabric in place as well as machine quilting. I also added a bit of paint and oil pastel work to high-light and blend elements.

The striped border fabric was purchased at a world village shop in Michigan. It's a cotton damask that was hand-dyed by a man in Africa. I cannot imagine a more perfect combination with my sun-printed piece and vignette scene.

I'll be at the show for a period of time each day. If you've read this and see me there, I'd very much like to meet you. I'll post about my other two entries later in the week.


StegArt said...

A beautiful piece! Do we get to see the other two pieces you've put in the show?

meggie said...

A wonderful piece! I wish I could be there to see it in person.

Elaine Adair said...

Whoa -- Quilt Guild Show at PELLISSIPPI State - Haven't heard that word for a time, and I took classes there! (I went back to college at age 50!, and restarted there). Rode my bike in the parking lot, and from there out in the country! boo hoooo .. Memories.

Your projects are just amazing ... Thank you for posting them.

Waltraud said...

What a wonderful quilt! Looking at this picture it´s like really standing in the nature.

Jan said...

Nellie, these pieces are wonderful. I wish I could be there and see them in person and meet you.

Barbara B. said...

Super !!! It's a wonderful piece. I admire your fantasy. Excuse me, my English is not so good, but I hope you understand me. It's long time ago, when I learnd a little at school.

Quilting Journey said...

Truly exquisite work! I would love to see the other two entries, as well. Very, very certainly crosses all language barriers. Though I must say to Barbara B., your English is delightful and you communicate your feelings as well as Nellie does with your beautiful artwork!

teodo said...

Wow! I really like it!
I'd like to be at that show!!!!!! there will be wonderful stuff!
ciao, ciao