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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Critters at the SMQ'ers Show

Here are photos of quilts that feature critters in the Smoky Mountain Quilt Guild Show."Fourteen Rabbit Carrot" by Sheila Rauen of Knoxville, Tennessee awarded Judge's Choice Ribbon. Sheila has two other award winning quilts with critters but I haven't yet taken photos of them."Jitterbugs" by Patty Ashworth of Oak Ridge, Tennessee awarded an Honorable Mention in the Large Art Category.
"The Congregation" by Marlene Brown Woodfield of La Porte, Indiana awarded 2nd Place in the Pictorial Category."On Thin Ice" by Pat Jennings of Berea, Kentucky awarded 3rd Place in the Pictorial Category.
"Black White and Wild" by Christine Bryden of Mosheim, Tennessee awarded 1st Place in the Pictorial Category
AND the Excellence in Machine Workmanship Ribbon.
Christine painted the zebra's faces. The black and white fabrics are pieced together.
There are 18 different animals or insects machine quilted over the surface. I had the pleasure of meeting Christine last evening at the award ceremony. I love meeting the maker of a quilt/art and hearing the story of the creation of a piece. In this case, it was interesting to hear about her concern of the quilted images being too strong ... a distraction from the zebras. It's amazing how difficult it can be to really see a piece while you're so involved in its creation. Been there, done that! There's more than one meaning to "perspective".

Post Script: This zebra piece won the Viewer's Choice Award ribbon.


meggie said...

Oh Nellie, thankyou so much for sharing these with us! That Zebra quilt is just stunning!
They are all very good, but I couldn't live with Jitterbug!

joyce said...

Love the animal quilts. The zebra one is just amazing. I can't imagine how she pieced the black and white and what an inspired idea to machine quilt the other animals. The rabbits are wonderful too and the bugs are also fantastic. WHat talent!

Judy said...

Wow so amazing..I'm really speechless...(which is a miracle for me)

jude said...

greta stuff, thanks for sharing.....i can never get enough of looking at quilts.

Judy said...

Those quilts are incredible! I do love the black and white, especially the quilting. Thanks for taking such great photos of them to share with your adoring audience! Those Jitter Bugs are great!!
Also, thanks for my virtual card! You are something else. What a treasure!!