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Monday, May 28, 2007

"Hell On Wheels"

A few postings ago I wrote here about this piece that is a round robin between my friend, Jane, and me.

Lone Tree - 16"x18"
To recap, she had given me the tree, I made an "ortwork" scene and gave it back to her. Jane finished it with the borders.

In this exchange I had given Jane one of the 6" blocks that I make out of my larger scraps.
She scanned it into her computer and played. Jane ended up creating this fanciful creature in a field with some sky.
I wish I had thought to take photos before it was finished. The silk flowers, yarn tail, plus the nose and wooden bead eye are my additions and of course there was no quilting when I got it.
Hell On Wheels - 23"x24"
In addition to the added elements mentioned above, I increased the size by adding to the sky, a road in the foreground and stands of trees on each side. It appeared as though this creature was hellbent for somewhere so I stacked three sets of buttons to make wheels. I gave him a destination ... the last leaf left in the forest. I don't know what happened to the rest of them, but there was only one left and he was going to make sure it was his. It's contructed in my "ortwork" collage technique.

My friend, Alicia, was visiting and making her ginkgo pieces when I was working on this. My intent had been to donate it to SMQ's small quilt sale. However, Alicia was tickled by the humor of this piece and my chatter while making it. So, it went home with her as an early birthday present. Now, I just need to remember when October rolls around that she already has her gift.


Sassenach said...

I love it! Your work is inspiring....and your explanations of the process encouraging. Perhaps I'll get some time for experimenting with your technique this summer.

joyce said...

Both quilts are wonderful but the little creature in the bottom one really tickles my fancy! What a unique way to use a block. I guess it goes to show you that two heads are better than one. But maybe that's another quilt.

Vicki W said...

Nellie, both of these pieces are fantastic! Collaboration is a wonderful thing!

Doreen G said...

What an amazing project Nellie you have both ended up with a beautiful work of art.

Elaine Adair said...

Wow - where can I begin with comments. The quilts from the SMQS are amazing, and I probably have met some of these gals years ago. Again, thank you for the delicious photos.

But ... my favorite post is the critter on the little wall hanging! Delightful, pure fun. 8-)

arlee said...

Gotta love the absurd!!!!

Rayna said...

How wonderful these are!

Helen said...

What a great piece! I like the lone tree as well but "Hell On Wheels" is such fun. How generous of you to give it away.

Waltraud said...

Wonderful art!

McIrish Annie said...

I love "Hell on Wheels"!! It has a nice folk art feel to it and is really cute!

Finn said...

Hi Nellie, what delightful creation you and your RR friend have concocted. I can think of no other word that fits the two 'beginnings'. Pure delight, both of them.
Of course I lean toward the mystical creature, having been a teen age horse owner. He wasn't Hell bent nearly so much as I was as I raced him beside the semi trucks on the interstate. Luckily my parents never found out about that.
I love what you did with your returned center..the leaf if just the perfect touch. Big hugs, Finn

marisa said...

I'm happy you like my picture.Wonderful your lone tree.Ciao