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Thursday, May 10, 2007

"... and still counting" Quilt Project

The blocks that my friends were stitching a weekend ago are for the "...and still counting" quilt project.It's the idea of a young woman artist to "make a small 6" quilt for each American who has died and on that quilt small french knots to represent each Iraqi. Using the numbers from the Reed College installation in Portland, Oregon display, that's 3055 little quilts with 212 french knots on each one. The quilts will be made and bound with solid color fabrics. Any color is fine, they represent the soldiers who repesent us and we are of every color and ethnicity. The 212 french knots will be made with black thread. I've been using 2 strands of embroidery floss, and starting in the center, make a spiral of french knots. Each little quilt will have 2 grommets on each side, so they can be connected to one another with bead chain. (When I calculated out that I would need nearly 25,0000 grommets, and that is approximately how many injuries we've sustained, that's when I danced the good idea dance and knew I had to follow through with this idea.) The grommets and bead chain will allow the piece to be connected in a variety of configurations."It wasn't until I read the artist's description of her idea aloud to my friends while they were stitching that first morning that I realized her vision was for the french knots to be made with black thread. I've been in contact with her and she's assured me that the colored threads are fine, but she'd prefer black to be used.It's an open invitation to join in and contribute blocks to this incredible project. Go here to read the whole presentation of the idea, the description of this project, as well as the tutorials for making the blocks.


Quilting Journey said...

What an incredibly powerful project. To give physical and concrete manifestation of a concept that remains ambiguous and theoretical to most of us is phenomenal. It's awesome, Nellie. Even the use of the never ending spiral of life/death and the metal grommetts, and bead's says so much with such simplicity. What's even more amazing, somehow the rainbow colors make the contrast with the subject matter even greater. I can see why you needed to be a part of this. So, is it going to be hanging in the White House anytime soon???

Self Taught Artist said...

This instantly reminded me of the first time I saw the AIDS quilt that was travelling around as an exhibition back in the 90's. I will never forget seeing that and how it touched me.
I for some reason really love the grommet part, it makes it militant and keeps things seperate and interesting. Is this going to be ongoing for you or sent in to be added?

teodo said...

It's a very important and fantastic project to honorate these men that died so far from their home.
Tell the friends that are working with you that I like it!
ciao, ciao

Nellie Bass Durand said...

This project belongs to a young woman artist. She is going to need a "lot" of blocks to complete her vision. So, go to her website for instructions to make some blocks to send to her.

I have 15 blocks completed with the help of my friends on that S. Carolina weekend trip. I plan to entice as many friends and family members ... and you ... as I can to stitch through the summer.

Jan said...

Nellie, this is a very important project. Thanks for letting us know about it. I definitely plan to participate!

Caron said...

Nellie, You ROCK! I have been way out of commission, but am finally feeling better, seeing this makes me feel great! Thank you for the plug and for all the work you've been doing!!