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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Virginia Tech Memorial Quilts Project

Grandma's Attic is making memorial quilts for Virginia Tech. They are asking quilters who have been moved by this recent tragedy to join them by making a quilt block 12-1/2" square (unfinished size) in the colors of Virginia Tech--maroon and orange. They will assemble your blocks into quilts. Finished quilts will be sent to Virginia Tech as an offering to all who have been affected by recent events. Everyone who participates in this project will have their name listed on the quilt. If you would like to incorporate some of the Virginia Tech fabric they mentioned in a blog post, go to Grandma's Attic website and drop them a note in the comment section of the form on that link. They'll send you a small piece of this fabric to use in your block.I got my small piece of "Hokie" fabric from With Heart and Hands, A Quilting Journey. When I read the posting about this project on that weblog, I knew I wanted to make blocks that had kites to represent the release of the slain students spirits.The bits left over from the kites are incorporated into this scrap block. The piecing ended up looking like buildings in a topsy-turvy world. I had no thought of creating architecture while it was being constructed.
If you would like to contibute to this project, make your quilt block in the colors of Virginia Tech--maroon and orange. It is requested to not introduce other colors into the color scheme as this is a school spirit quilt. Add only maroon, orange and neutrals (white, black, gray, off white) to your quilt block. Once you have finished your block, mail or take it to Grandma's Attic at the address listed here on their website. Please note: in order to be included in the project, quilt blocks need to be delivered by June 2, 2007.

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teodo said...

I'm sorry, I wasn't able to put any comment in the last two days.
The project is so nice! Sounds good!
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