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Monday, May 07, 2007

Tagged ... 7 Things You DON'T Know About Me

I DON'T follow recipes. I love to cook, but it's creative cooking. To me, recipes are just a guide. As a matter of fact, I rarely follow directions or instructions. I consider most of those to be more of a guide as well. There have been very few times in my life that I've regretted "doing it my way".

I DON"T like conflict. I'd rather ignore or avoid difficult people or uncomfortable situations. However, if I feel strongly about someone or something I can be tenacious about letting my feelings and position be known. Otherwise, my optimism tends to go overboard to smooth "it" over.

I DON'T like to be interrupted. I have a one-track mind and get quite grumpy if not allowed to continue an activity until I'm ready to stop. That includes reading until the end of a book.

I DON'T readily feel physical pain. My threshold is extremely high. My best friend says she can see evidence of pain in my eyes before I feel it strongly enough to express it verbally. For the most part it's an easy thing for me to ignore when my mind and hands are otherwise occupied.

I DON'T say "never". Anything is possible. I've lived long enough to appreciate that fact.

I DON'T like to talk on the phone. I believe it's because I can't read the facial expressions nor look into the eyes of person I'm conversing with.

I DON'T anticipate outcomes. It's been my experience that if I imagine or plan how an event or project will end up, I'll be disappointed it didn't meet my expectations. Although, there have been times an occasion or project has ended up better than I would ever have allowed myself to imagine up front. I prefer to live in the moment.

Now to continue this meme, I tag these seven bloggers from among all those I read to blog about 7 things we don't know about them:


Helen Conway said...

I accept your tag - but will do it tomorrow!!

Self Taught Artist said...

I'm glad you did that, I really enjoyed reading your seven things :)
interesting picture...

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Paula, my computer has a built in camera and it took this photo of me contemplating who to tag. There's a program called "Photo Booth". It has multiple effects ... some of them wild and crazy. This picture is in "comic book" mode.

Kay said...

How interesting you made this. There are several I agree with, (not liking the phone, not following directions), but particularly the not anticipating outcomes one. I have always found disappointment in that, and have been puzzled by the claim of psychologists that "visualization" is a positive tool.

teodo said...

Nellie, now I know more about you.
Nice this picture.
ciao ciao

Karen said...

Isnt it amazing how through these blogs we all learn bits and pieces of one another! I am now so curious about the project your working on..lovely spirals going on there! Looks like you had a very fine time while you were away.