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Saturday, May 26, 2007

More SMQ Guild Wall Quilts

"Nowhere To Hide" by Beverly Hertler of Red Bank, New Jersey awarded 1st Place in the Small Art Quilt category. She hand-stamped and painted silk and commercial mud cloth.
"Autumn Rhapsody" by Leigh Elking of Scottsdale, Arizona awarded 3rd Place in the Miniature quilt category. A small quilt she designed that appears in Ricky Tim's "Rhapsody" quilt book.
"Bow Tie Miniature" by Bridget Wilson Matlock of Alcoa, Tennessee awarded 1st Place in the Miniature Quilt category. There are tiny folded bow ties set in a Trip Around the World style.
"Memory Quilt" by Avigail Manneberg of Knoxville, Tennessee received the the Innovative Design Award.
The quilt tells the story of her mother's and grandmother's immigration from the United States to Israel. Three generations are represented by three levels of transparency.
I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Manneberg at the award reception. This was the first exhibition of her amazing art piece. That first evening it wasn't realized that a white drape needed to be hung behind it to optimize the visibility of the the photos printed on the clear material .

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Ali Honey said...

Nellie I did so enjoy looking at your photos. What fabulous quilts on display. Just amazing! Congratulations to all involved with the show.